How Much Can I Draw If I Switch To My Husband's Social Security?

Mar 17 2020 - 6:24am

My husband just died 28th of feb. His full benfits were 1,921.60 they took medcare from his check and left him to draw 1,777.00 a month I draw 1260.60 a month before medcare takes out 144.60 .how much can i draw if i change and draw my husbands social security.


I'm sorry for your loss.

Assuming that you are at least full retirement age (FRA), your total benefit rate would likely be equal to your husband's full rate. Medicare would still need to be deducted from that amount, though, so you would likely be paid roughly the net amount that your husband was drawing.

You won't really switch from your own benefits to your husband's Social Security, though. Technically, you will continue getting your own benefit amount plus a partial widow's benefit equal to the difference in your benefit rate and your husband's rate. The total, though, would then add up to the amount he was getting. Also, you probably qualify for a one-time death benefit payment of $255.

However, if you aren't yet FRA, then your widow's rate could be reduced for age if you start drawing your widow's benefits prior to FRA. Your best option for when to file for widow's benefits in that case would depend on several factors, including your present age and whether or not your husband started drawing his benefits before FRA. You may want to consider using our software ( to analyze your filing options if you haven't yet reached FRA.

Best, Jerry