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How Does Your Software Account For Life Expectancy?

I listened to you on Josh Jalinski ...

You make the case to wait 'til 70 ... how do health issues and life expectancy factor into your counsel to 'be patient'?

Of course no one knows when they will die, but based on life expectancy tables, family history, and current health conditions, I expect to die 10 years earlier than average, likely in my early to mid-70's. Longevity isn't in my genes.

As a 63 year old woman, I believe that if I take SS now, I'll have 8 additional years of income. If I wait til 70, I will get a higher check, but for a much shorter period. (And if I'm wrong and I do outlive my life expectancy calculation, I'm not at risk of outliving my money, SS is just gravy in any case).

(and in my view, tax rates will be higher in the future and my benefits may be taxed at a higher rate in the future, especially as an affluent person)

I'd love you to address how the life expectancy issue factors into the software, for those of us who believe that it is a factor in our calculation.


Our software ( asks users to enter what they believe will be their maximum possible age, and then provides them a customized filing strategy based on their presumptions about the future. If you believe that you won't live beyond age 75, for example, you can enter that as your maximum age and the software will determine your best filing strategy based on your assumptions.

Best, Jerry

Aug 4 2019 - 3:40pm
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