How Does Remarriage Affect Entitlement To Widow's Benefits On The Account Of A Former Spouse?

Apr 29 2017 - 5:13am

As a widow, am I entitled to my husband's social security though I remarried at the age of 54? And if things don't workout in my marry, if I divorce, am I entitled to my deceased husband's social security? And, if I decide to remarry again will my deceased husband's social security benefits cease?

Thank you!


Remarriage prior to age 60 normally bars entitlement to widow's benefits on the account of a former spouse for the duration of the remarriage. The only exception to that is for a widow who remarries after age 50 and is eligible for disabled widow's benefits at the time of the remarriage (

Remarriage of a widow after they reach age 60 does not bar entitlement to widow's benefits on a former spouse's record. So, if you become unmarried again due to death or divorce and then remarry again after reaching age 60, you could still be potentially eligible for widow's benefits on your former spouse's record.

Best, Jerry