How Does My Public Pension Affect My New Spouse's Benefits?

Jun 29 2016 - 4:30pm

Hi, I retired August 2004 at 50 years old and started a city pension. After 10 year in 2014 I got divorced. She got 1/2 my pension. If I remarry will my new wife suffer from WEP and GPO. She is 49 in 2016 and will be working until she is 62 in 2029? Where do I find the expert software, and where can I find your books? Thanks, Patrick

Hi Patrick, if you remarry your new wife's spousal benefit based on your record would be reduced due to the WEP. The GPO would only affect your potential spousal and widower's benefits and not any of her benefits. Click on the Purchase tab on this site to see information about purchasing the software. You can find information about Get What's Yours here. Thanks, John