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How Do I Fill Out My Withdrawal Request If I Only Want To Draw My Own Benefits And Not Spousal Benefits?

Hi Larry, I'm having difficulty filling out SSA Form 521, Request for Withdrawl of Application. I want to file for my benefit earnings only and not my spouse.. I am poor health and unable to get the records requested. I am not sure how to explain this information on the form. I am on Medicaid and there is a question about if you want to keep your Medicare benefits., Yes or No. I am not sure how to answer this question. Thank you.

Hi. There's not enough information in your question for me to be able to give you a proper answer. If you were born after January 1 1954, though, and assuming that your spouse is still living then you can't file just for your own Social Security retirement benefits without also filing for any spousal benefits for which you qualify. And, vice versa (

Regarding Medicare, the question you mention is only material if you already have Medicare coverage or if you've applied for such coverage. If you have Medicare coverage and you want it to continue, then you wouldn't want to withdraw from Medicare coverage. Medicaid is a totally separate program from Medicare, and Social Security doesn't administer the Medicaid program. Therefore, the question on the form regarding Medicare has nothing to do with your Medicaid coverage.

Since I don't have enough information to give a complete answer, I would strongly suggest that you discus your questions with a Social Security claims representative who has access to your records.

Best, Jerry

Sep 14 2021 - 11:40am
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