How Do I Choose The Best Overall Retirement Strategy?

Feb 1 2017 - 2:45pm

Hi Larry,
While looking around the internet for information, I came across Motely Fool's "Rule Your Retirement." They say: "We know that preparing for retirement can feel overwhelming. That's why we designed Rule Your Retirement to be a rich resource you can rely on to make progress toward your personal retirement goals and objectives. To learn how to get access to its useful content and powerful tools, backed by a 30-day, 100% membership-fee-back guarantee, simply click here." It costs $99 a year and you get the newsletter! I did not sign on, but right away I started getting emails from them about all these investment opportunities. I suspect their "newsletter" is mostly advertising for their own investment products. I turn 67 this year and I am retiring in May with SS benefits of around $1490 a month. I hope to get by on that until I turn 70 to build more savings in my 401K. Do you think there is there real value ($99 worth) in their newsletter? Thank you.


I'm not familiar with Motley Fool's services, but it sounds like you may be making a mistake with regard to your Social Security benefits. Rather than filing for Social Security now, it may be better for you to wait until age 70 to file, even if you need to withdraw money from your 401k in the meantime. For Larry's thoughts on the subject, please check out this column of his:

You may want to use the maximization software available on this website before applying for your Social Security benefits. Especially if you are married, or if you had a past marriage that lasted 10 years or more, you may have other filing options that you haven't considered.

Best, Jerry