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How Do I Answer The Application Question About Eligibility For Foreign Benefits?

Hi Larry, thanks for the responses and help with the questions in this forum. We have another question while filling out the retirement benefits application. Under the "Supplemental Information" section, it asks if we worked outside the US. We did stay and worked in Singapore and Hong Kong many years ago. So I would answer yes to this question. However, I was not sure about the subsequent question: "Eligible for benefits under a foreign social security system". I don't think it is eligible for benefits, and I don't claim benefits from these foreign countries. Is the answer "No" to this question? Thanks in advance and I appreciate your help.

Hi. Your work outside of the U.S. wouldn't affect your U.S. benefits unless you're worked long enough to be eligible for a pension based on that work. If you didn't, then you can answer that question 'no'.

Best, Jerry

May 13 2022 - 3:42pm
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