How Can I Receive My Ex-Husband's Benefits?

Dec 31 2017 - 6:36am

Hi question is how can I received my ex husband's benefits...we were married 10 years and I am now remarried but am considering divorcing and remarrying to receive a better benefit..I am 53 and on disability. I have heard that I need to divorce before age 60 and remarrying after husband is a citizen of another country..your help is appreciated..Thank you


First off, unless you have an eligible child in your care you couldn't qualify for divorced spousal benefits on a living ex-spouse's record until you reach at least age 62 ( In addition, you must be unmarried in order to become entitled to benefits on the record of a living ex-spouse, regardless of your age when you remarried.

If your ex is deceased you could potentially be eligible for disabled surviving divorced spousal benefits now if you become unmarried ( A remarriage that occurs after age 60 or after disabled surviving divorced spousal entitlement begins wouldn't bar potential eligibility for survivor benefits on the record of a deceased former spouse.

Best, Jerry