How Can I Get This Resolved?

Feb 13 2019 - 9:52am

Overpayment of $11,833.00 in benefits to my daughter and I after her dad passed away and she was in the hospital dying needed a liver transplant. SSA started garnishing my wages on August 11, 2017. I kept a track record in excel to know when the day would come for this to be all over. Even going out on disability from work last year in 2018, my tax refund was taken as well as another refund from the IRS in November. Once I notice that I no longer owed them according to my records as well as my pay statements. I contacted SSA and they stated I still had a balance of $1961. I was told to wait a month for all payments to be cleared. Unfortunately after waiting a month later and going into the office I was told I owed $1831.77. So here it is I'm in the office of SSA on January 16, 2019, with all my paperwork showing that I was now overpaying them. I was told the just processed October 5, 2018 check they had just received and that there is nothing they can do until all checks are process. I'm not understanding why it takes so long to open mail and input checks into the system. We are now in February of 2019 and they still processing checks from October 2018. By the time they have processed January payments We will be in May and they will owe me thousands. SSA receives weekly checks from my employer. How can I get this resolved before I am homeless?


I'm sorry to hear about all of the problems you've been having. The only thing that I could suggest trying is to contact the office of one of your U.S. senators or your congressional representative to see if they can help resolve your problem. Social Security normally gives priority handling to cases involving congressional interest.

If that doesn't work, the only other thing I can suggest is to continue making frequent follow ups with Social Security until they resolve the problem.

Best, Jerry