How Can I Get Credit For Earnings That Aren't Posted To My Record?

Jan 11 2017 - 4:00am

After I retired a couple years ago I review my social security earnings, and found out that 6 years of my earnings are 0, I took all my taxes, to SS and told me that I have 0 on those years due, to the fact that form 4137 is missing from those years, still it does not convince me, because I have 8 years that I don't have unreported income, because the company has reported it on the W-2 form. Also they told me that I can't do anything now because the limit time to correct such error, has past 3 years 3 months and 15 days. Can you please help me. Many thanks in advance.


I don't know all of the facts of your case, so I'm not sure what can be done. However, if your employer withheld Social Security taxes on your earnings, you should be able to get credit with the proper proof. Primary evidence would be copies of your W-2 forms showing that Social Security taxes were withheld. If you don't have your W-2 forms, you'd need to submit sufficient secondary proof. Refer to the following reference from Social Security's operations manual for types of secondary proof:

If your employer did not withhold taxes on your earnings and you instead were responsible for paying the required Social Security taxes, you would need to submit copies of your tax returns and proof that you paid the appropriate Social Security taxes timely. For more information, see the following section from the SS manual: If you did not pay the required Social Security taxes timely (i.e. within 3 years, 3 months & 15 days), then it's probably too late to get credit for the missing earnings.

Best, Jerry