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How Can I Find Out What My Husband's Social Security Number Is?

I was married to a man on or about 10/22/2009, we were together for MAYBE a month when I discovered he was using drugs. One day while under the influence he punched me in the throat. Amazingly I survived that, but he then contacted the police. I know I did nothing back to him, but he had a small scratch on his face. He told the police a bunch of lies and the police Baker Acted me. I was released after them determining I was fine. While I was being held for 72 hours, my husband filed for a restraining order. I was not allowed to return to my home. With no clothing, shoes, or my 4 seater golf cart I had no place to go. Ended up in a battered womens shelter. While there I made arrangements to go back to NY, He sold everything I owned.....EVERYTHING. SO AT 49 years old, I had to start all over with nothing. I returned to Florida in 2011 to attend my moms wedding here in Florida. I flew home after the wedding, and my mother encouraged me to come to Florida, and she arranged for an apartment for my 14 year old son and I to live in. After the punch in the throat, and leaving the state I never saw him again. The only thing I have of him is our marriage certificate, and a pay stub of his. I was told that he had not been seen since 2019, this person told me that he had died. During the years of 2009 through 2017? I think He was arrested multiple times and assaulted 3 EMT workers, they found heroine and other drugs in his possession. He was jailed for It (no idea how long) but it was Lake County.FL. Curious, I recently contacted Social Security and gave him the SS number listed on his paystub. They advised me that was NOT his SS #. They could not provide any information unless I had his correct SS #. I have hit a dead end and I am interested in knowing for certain of his death? Additionally, am I entitled to his assets, including the pandemic checks? Any of his assets since we were technically still married, where did they go, if he did get the pandemic checks, who cashed them if he was dead?
How can I get this information? Any assistance you can provide would be helpful..
Thank you in advance,

Hi Bernadette. Social Security should be able to help you determine your husband/ex-husband's Social Security number (SSN) if you were married long enough to potentially qualify for Social Security benefits from his record. You don't mention getting divorced, but if you did then you could only qualify for Social Security benefits based on your ex-spouse's account if you were married for at least 10 years. If you were never divorced, however, then you would only need to have been married for at least 9 months to potentially qualify for widow's benefits, or for at least 1 year to potentially qualify for spousal benefits.

In addition to meeting the duration of marriage requirements, though, you'd also need to meet the other requirements to actually be eligible for benefits. I would suggest recontacting Social Security to discuss your situation with them. If you can't get an SSN from Social Security and if you can't find it elsewhere in your records, then I'm at a loss for suggestions.

My expertise is limited to Social Security benefits, so I can't answer your questions about pandemic checks.

Best, Jerry

Apr 10 2022 - 8:05pm
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