How Can I Ask For SS Benefits Now?

Oct 7 2019 - 7:41am

how can I ask for SS benefits now. I want to get out of this
country due to being police harassed and treated badly by the very people who
are supposed to be protecting us. They have it on tape of me just walking
across the street after work and the police pulled over and lied and said I
walked crossed the street caddie corner like, now what kind of stuff is that.
I've worked all my life, 2 jobs even at the same time and I need that money
to get the heck out of here. I can see why so many Americans have escaped-
especially black Americans. I need to get out of this God forsaken country,
I will escape to Mexico if I have to- I need paradise! I need my SS benefits
now to prove money and that I can support myself.


You don't mention your age, so I don't know what options you might have. You can't get Social Security retirement benefits until you reach at least age 62, and the only way that you could draw benefits based on your own Social Security contributions before then is if you're disabled and qualify for Social Security disability (SSDI) benefits.

There are no provisions in the Social Security law that would allow you to claim Social Security benefits based on your own contributions earlier than age 62 for any reason other than disability. Nor can you opt to withdraw your Social Security tax contributions or receive a lump sum in lieu of monthly benefits.

If you are at least age 62 or you're disabled, you can apply for Social Security benefits online ( or by calling or visiting a Social Security office.

Best, Jerry