Does Your Software Address Situations Where Only The Younger Spouse Has A Work History?

Feb 7 2020 - 12:33pm

I am 64 and still working, although reduced hours and significantly reduced salary. My wife is 69 with no work record and no credits (she was a "stay at home mom"). We'd like to claim retirement benefits so I can more comfortably leave the work force completely, (although we could manage without social security benefits). I understand she would be entitled to one-half of my PIA if I start to claim retirement benefits now, although I would receive a smaller benefit. Does your MMSS program address a situation like this with only one spouse (the younger one) with a work record? Given my wife's age, I think it may be foolish to leave her spousal benefit "on the table" while I wait to attain FRA. Thoughts?


Your understanding is correct. If you start drawing your benefits at age 64, your wife who is past full retirement age could receive 50% of your primary insurance amount (PIA), even though you would receive less than your PIA. And, yes, our software ( can handle all of the calculations necessary to help you determine the best strategy for maximizing benefits for you and your wife.

Best, Jerry