Does Social Security Owe Me Money?

Feb 18 2017 - 7:45am

I would like to know if SS owes me any back money and I will tell you why I believe that this is so. When My husband started to draw his SS and I was making about 500.00 I was told that I would get 50% of his. Well they took my money that I was getting and only paid me the 50% of his which is a 1000.00, so I really should be also getting my SS that I was getting. I know that they play all kinds of games, but that is not right. They basically have shorted me what I was originally receiving. If this is accurate, then how do I get the money that is owed to me.

Thank you for helping.


Hi Kathy,

I'm not sure if I fully understand your question. If you are entitled to benefits on both your own record and your husband's record, you would only be entitled to receive the higher of the two benefits, not both.

For example, say Jane is receiving her own unreduced retirement benefit amount of $500. Her husband John subsequently files for his benefits and is entitled to an unreduced retirement benefit of $1000. In this example, Jane would not be entitled to any additional benefits, because she could only receive the higher of her own benefit or 50% of her husband's rate.

Best, Jerry