Does Remarriage Bar Entitlement To Survivor Benefits?

Mar 4 2017 - 6:30am

I am a young Financial Advisor in need of some clarification on an interesting social security case. I have a couple who are not married yet both age 58 but are considering marriage. The woman, however, is a survivor and therefore should be entitled to her deceased husbands benefits at age 60. It is my understanding that she should file for his survivor benefits at age 60, however do not file for her own, allowing them to roll up. If she and her current boyfriend were to get married. Would she lose her right to her survivor benefit under the new rules? Also as I understand it, the many of the husband and wife claiming strategies that she and her new husband would be able to take advantage of are now gone. Thanks for your advice.


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To answer your question, though, remarriage prior to age 60 bars entitlement to widow(er) benefits on a former spouse's record for the duration of the remarriage, but remarriage at or after age 60 does not.

Best, Jerry