Does This Only Occur In The First Year Of Receiving Benefits?

Jan 10 2018 - 7:15am

I agree with the person in the link below, as I have asked the same question as to why social security benefits are one month behind, and the government is stealing billions of dollars over the years from this scam.

I now have proof to support the scam... I began receiving SS benefits at end of Feb 2017 which was for the month of January 2017. I recently received a 1099 form in which the amount equates to receiving only 11 of the 12 payments due for 2017=RECEIVED FEB-DEC 2017, thus, I was not paid for one month.
Does this only occur in the first year of receiving SS benefits?

Thank You. JS


I wouldn't describe it as a scam, but Social Security does pay benefits in the month following the month that the payment is for. Therefore, if your first payment was for the month of January 2017, you would only have received 11 payments in the calendar year of 2017. As a result your 1099 form, which is issued for tax purposes, only reflects 11 months of payment.

To answer your question, though, yes this anomaly normally only occurs in the first year of a person's entitlement. You should receive 12 payments in 2018, covering payments for the months of December 2017 though November 2018, and your 1099 for 2018 should reflect 12 months of benefit payments accordingly.

Best, Jerry