Does The New Law Apply To My Husband?

Jan 29 2017 - 6:00am

If my husband's SSDI began in June 2015, does the new law below apply to him? or is he grandfathered in under the old law since it began before Dec. 2015? He turns 65 in Jan. 2017.

NEW LAW: Social Security benefit will be reduced until the month you reach age 65, or the month your other benenits stop, whichever comes first. Starting December 19, 2015, due to a change in the law, your benenits will continue to be reduced until you reach your full retirement age.


I'm not aware of any changes in the new laws passed in 2015 that affected disability benefits, so I don't know what you're referencing.

If your husband didn't draw reduced retirement benefits prior to becoming entitled to disability benefits, then his benefit rate isn't reduced. If he did draw reduced retirement benefits before starting disability benefits, his benefit rate is reduced for the number of months of entitlement to reduced retirement benefits. In either case, his benefit rate won't change when he reaches age 65. His benefits will automatically convert to regular retirement benefits at age 66, and his benefit rate will remain unchanged.

Best, Jerry