Does It Sound Like We're Getting The Correct Amount?

Apr 21 2017 - 7:05am

I have been receiving social security since retiring at 65 & 9 moths in 20144(full retire was 66). My disabled adult child who was on SSI since 18 started getting SSDI when I retired. My wife who is now 62 was getting in child care. We were subject to the family max. My full PIA is 2480 with the reduced amt of 2280. My wife and daughter each got $934 for a family total of $4148. We also have a grandchild who we have custody of & care for in our household. Her mom is the disabled adult child and the father is unknown. Recently my wife applied for benefits @ 62 and we asked ssa to add our granddaughter Her PIA was 597 reduced to 486 with max of 1025. Social security approved the benefits for all. New benefit 1033 each for my daughter and granddaughter; 764 for my wife. It appears ssa used a combined family benefit from the year I retired (2014) which was 4850 and not the 5268 for 2017-the year the family maximum were combined. My wife's statement also notes a spousal benefit of 298 with her reduced amout of 486 for a total of 784. There is no in child care benefit. Do these numbers seem correct or should I appeal


You'll have to use your own judgment as to whether or not to appeal, but it sounds like what your family is receiving is probably correct. The $5268 combined maximum is a ceiling figure that isn't necessarily paid out in full. First off, your full retirement age amount (PIA) would be subtracted from the $5268 even though you are receiving a somewhat reduced rate. Then, the remainder would be split evenly among the 3 auxiliary beneficiaries on your record. Your daughter & grandchild are receiving more than your wife because her own benefit rate is reduced for age, and because they are not dually entitled like your wife. This allows them to qualify for a redistribution of the amount that your wife receives from her own record (

Best, Jerry