Does Housing Assistance Affect Social Security Disability Payments?

Dec 27 2016 - 11:45am

I am legal guardian for my disabled 18-year old son who is currently receiving survivor benefits since my husband passed away in 2010. Though my son was disabled since age six, we never applied for ssdi, however, I will be doing so on his behalf very soon. I was told by our SSA office that if his disability application is approved, my son's survivor benefits will be converted to 'adult disabled child' benefits-And due to my husband's income history, my son will continue to receive approx. the same amount in disability benefits each month instead of the standard of around $750/month. This will be almost twice the standard SSDI rate) I have also assisted my son in receiving a HUD housing voucher that will enable him to pay only 30% of his adjusted income for rent/utilities. My question is whether his disability benefits will be reduced due to the rent/utility assistance he will receive from HUD. And if so, is there a standard reduction formula?

Many thanks for your assistance.


No, housing assistance from HUD would have no effect on your son's disabled adult child's benefits from Social Security. His benefit rate is calculated based strictly on his father's earnings history. There is no 'standard rate' of benefits, though. The base rate paid to minor or disabled children entitled to benefits on a deceased parent's record is 75% of the deceased parent's full retirement age benefit rate (PIA), although the actual payment rate is sometimes lowered if several children are entitled and the family maximum benefit rate is involved.

Best, Jerry