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Do You Provide A Personalized Consultation Option?

Hello Larry,

I've been "on board," with your invaluable counsel, at first via your book and shortly thereafter, your software, which I purchased in mid-November of 2015 and have subsequently renewed. I am presently at a key decision making crossroads as to pulling the trigger on my S.S. benefits: I am about to turn 66 this week (DOB: 2/9/51). At the same time, my spousal and dependent situation is quite idiosyncratic:

My wife, at 50 (DOB: 11/18/66), is a good deal younger than I; moreover, I am the father of two young girls, 11 and 4 yrs. old. We are both in excellant health. In addition, as befits the "prerogatives" of my particular profession (I'm a psychotherapist :-), I don't plan to retire or substantially reduce my practice until 80, earliest; my wife, an Occupational Therapist will be working as well for at least another 20 yrs.

I have run a number of “Maximize” reports; in general, the only variable among them is our respective age expectancy. Most of my "Maximized" results, as well as " What-if" scenarios have tended toward the recommendation that I claim benefits immediately (there are a few cases where the software has recommended claiming at age 67, in Feb. 2018). At work here is surely the impact of the child-in-care spouse's benefits factor.

With all these moving parts, I would be most interested in reviewing my input and calculations with someone fully familiar with both the technicalities of Soc. Sec. and the proper utilization of your software and execution of its recommendations. I am also concerned about the taxonomies and technicalities of properly filing the online claim according to those recommendations. There is a certain time-sensitivity to all this, as I risk losing advantage with any further delays in filing. (I believe that Soc. Sec. probably has most of the required documentation for this filing, as I successfully filed online for Medicare last year.)

My key question is: Do you provide any personal review/consultation service for Maximize My Social Security subscribers? Getting a sound professional review and critique of my results would be most useful and reassuring at this critical juncture.

Thanks for your attention,


Hi Marc,

Since you're a subscriber, please submit future questions via the customer support form. To answer your question, though, we do have an expert review option that you can purchase. For more information, click on the 'Purchase' link at the top of the home page.

Best, Jerry

Feb 7 2017 - 10:00am
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