Do You Know Why I Received An Extra Payment This Month?

Oct 12 2016 - 4:45pm

I received additional money in my account from Social Security. One of my friends also received some but it was not the same amount I received. Do you know anything about a lump some payment of anything that I could have received?


No I don't, but you're the fifth person who has submitted a question because they received a similar payment.
As I told them, this is normally the time of year that Social Security processes automated benefit adjustments. So, the payment you received could be back pay due as a result of a retroactive rate adjustment for any of a variety of reasons (e.g. delayed retirement credits, additional earnings, etc.).

Direct deposits are often received up to a week or more in advance of the explanatory notices that Social Security sends in the mail, so I would wait a while to see if you receive an explanation. If you don't, you should probably check with Social Security.

Best, Jerry