Do You Have Any Idea Why My Grandmother's Benefits Were Reduced?

May 4 2017 - 10:29pm

I try to help my 96 year old grandmother with her financial matters as best I can from a distance. Last year her combined social security check was adjusted downward about $100/mo. She collects on herself and her deceased husband. I have not seen any paper work but was told this was an adjustment due to her gross income. She reports about $100K+ gross income a year from investment income and a City Retirement Pension Income from her deceased husband. She just told me that the retirement pension check which she has been receiving has now been reduced about $500 monthly with no explanation that she can identify. She seems to think it's because she is reporting too much money . She's been collecting this retirement check from the City of Long Beach for about 4 years without any adjustments. She did not change any of the withholding. Any ideas why the pension check is being reduced? Many thanks for your assistance.


Sorry, but I have no idea. If your grandmother didn't receive a notice from Social Security explaining the change, she should probably contact them for an explanation.

Best, Jerry