Do I Need A Lawyer?

Feb 8 2017 - 6:30am

I was fully at my full retirement age in April 2013. In Oct 2013 I received a letter stating I owed amounts that did
not match what I calculated. I was told by representative at that time that I owed $1332. At this point we set up
a payback plan of $50 per month until paid in full. That would mean 26 or 27 months later I would be completed
with my payback. I should be paid of in Jan of 2016. It is now Jan 2017 and I am still paying back. They are actually
increasing my payback time by several years. Not sure if I need a lawyer or an accountant to help me. Please advise


I can't tell you much based on this limited information. Social Security overpayments can be appealed, but there is normally a 60-day time limit for requesting an appeal and it sounds like that may have already expired in your case. However, if you were without fault in causing the overpayment and can't afford to pay it back, you could file a request for waiver of any remaining overpayment. For more information, refer to this pamphlet:

As far as getting a lawyer, you'll need to use your own judgment on that. You may first want to re-contact Social Security to see where you stand with regard to the overpayment.

Best, Jerry