Do I Need To Do Anything When I Reach Age 62 To Let Social Security Know That I Wan't To Continue Receiving Widower's Benefits?

Nov 23 2019 - 10:24am

When I turned 61 years old, i have retired (no income at this point) and started to collect social security benefit as a widower on my deceased wife record. I plan to continue to receive this SS benefit on her record until I turn 70 years old and then switch to my own social security benefit which would obviously reach maximum when I am 70. When I turn 62 or be at FRA -- do I need to fill out any form or let SS office know by other means that I want to stay on my wife social security benefit and then switch to my own when I turn 70?


No, you don't. Your own Social Security retirement benefits wouldn't start automatically. You'll need to file a separate application when you're ready to switch to drawing on your own record.

Best, Jerry