Do I Need To Do Anything To Get Social Security To Adjust My Benefit Rate At FRA?

Oct 21 2018 - 4:16pm

I became disabled just before I turned 50 and was collecting SSDI benefits. My ex died 2 years previously, so I began collecting DWB when I turned 50. I receive two different deposits, not sure why-statements both say the same thing. (Any idea why I receive two?) I assume I am receiving the 28.5% reduction. After reading many of your articles, it looks as if this reduction will go away for me at FRA. My question, does this happen automatically - or do I have to apply/talk to Social Security about this??


The reason that you receive 2 separate payments for your disability benefits (SSDI) and disabled widow's benefits (DWB) is because those benefits are paid from different trust funds. Social Security maintains separate trust funds, at least for accounting purposes, for the disability program and the retirement/survivor benefit program. DWB benefits are survivor benefits, so those benefits are paid from the retirement/survivor trust fund, as opposed to your SSDI benefits which are paid from the disability trust fund.

You're correct about your DWB benefits being reduced by 28.5%, and since you were already drawing SSDI when you became entitled to DWB the reduction should be removed when you reach your full retirement age (FRA). The adjustment to remove the reduction is automatic, so you shouldn't need to do anything in order to get your benefit rate adjusted.

Best, Jerry