Do I Have To Wait A Year Before Becoming Eligible For Spousal Benefits?

Apr 10 2017 - 5:30am

If I receive social security on ex husband and then remarry, why are they making it a year wait and receive no income for a year, I don't understand the thinking on s.s part. Loosing that income for year a lot........


Actually, there are exceptions to the 1 year marriage duration requirement for spousal benefit eligibility. One of those exceptions is prior entitlement to divorced spouse's benefits in the month prior to the month of remarriage. So, if you have been receiving divorced spousal benefits that terminated because you remarried, you could be eligible for spousal benefits on your new spouse's record as early as the first full month of your marriage. Of course, in order to be eligible, you must also meet all of the other requirements for spousal benefits (

Best, Jerry