Do I Have To Wait 2 Years After My Divorce To Receive Anything?

Sep 19 2017 - 7:32am

hi. i really need your help. i didn't apply for social security because i thought if i didn't need it why drain system! so, i waited till 70 years old- 2016 and applied for deferred spousal benefits-and same time, my husband decided divorce me. so, i got social security from july 2016 till now- and my question is...... final divorce date will be next month october 2017. even though i have been receiving benefits for year now do i have to wait 2 years after my divorce to receive anything? thanks sooo much.


No, if you've been married to your husband for at least 10 years there should be no interruption in your benefit payments. If that's the case, your spousal benefits will simply convert to divorced spousal benefits at the same rate effective with the month of your divorce.

Best, Jerry