Do I Get My Husband's SS Payment If He Passes First?

Apr 3 2020 - 5:31pm

I am 69 and have not filed for SS. My husband is 73 and has a fairly decent SS payment. If I file for SS do I get my husband's SS payment if he passes first. My monthly payment calculated was 250.00. a month. I pay 144.00 to Medicare. Which doesn't leave much for me to live on. I could probably live in a cardboard box under a bridge if I can't get my husband's SS if he passes first!! What can I do.

Hi Janet,

It certainly sounds like you'd qualify for your husband's full benefit rate as a widow in the event of his death, but without additional information I can't say for sure. Furthermore, if you haven't already filed for spousal benefits you should almost certainly do so immediately. Your spousal benefit rate does not get any higher if you wait past full retirement age (FRA) to start drawing.

You may want to consider using our software ( to check out your options so that you can determine your optimal strategy for claiming your benefits.

Best, Jerry