Could I Get Divorced Spousal Benefits On My First Spouse If I Divorce Again?

Apr 19 2017 - 7:42am

I got a divorce from my first wife after thirty three years. She worked most of that time. I remarried two years later and have been married for almost 10 1/2 years. If I get a divorce from my second wife, can I collect social security from my first wife? I am sixty eight years old.

Thank you.


Potentially, yes. Your first wife would have to be at least age 62 or drawing her benefits in order for you to be eligible for divorced spousal benefits on her record, though. And, if you are drawing your own benefits, you could only receive additional divorced spousal benefits if your own full retirement age rate (PIA) is less than 50% of your ex-wife's PIA. For more information, refer to Social Security's website:

Best, Jerry