Could I Get An Additional Benefit From Social Security?

Sep 24 2019 - 7:24am

Hi Larry,
I started paying Social Security at age 15, then became a US Navy at age 17 and served vietnam war, after I work as a policeman for 2 yrs and work for the US Dept of Homeland Security for 32 yrs until my retirement. I was receiving annuity in full then. In 2017, I was divorced and my wife got have of the gross of my monthly annuity that left me with $2,600 monthly. In 2017, I filed for SSA retirement was given $195 monthly, minus medicare B. I got only a net of $65 every month, By the way, I was born in 1951. My question is, could I get an additional benefit from SSA since I paid for more or less 7 years... I felt It was wrongly calculated? Thank you.


I don't have enough information to know if your Social Security benefit rate has been calculated correctly or if you might qualify for any other type of benefits. It sounds like you'd be well past the time limit for filing an appeal on the claim that you filed with Social Security, but you could submit a written request asking them to recalculate your benefit rate. I should point out though that Social Security computes benefits accurately in the vast majority of cases, so it's likely that the benefit amount you're receiving is correct. You may want to consider using our software ( to help you determine if your benefit rate is correct or if you might qualify for any other type of benefits, such as divorced spousal benefits.

Best, Jerry