Could I Be Entitled To Any Other Benefits?

Apr 13 2017 - 11:15am

I am drawing my late husbands disability and working . I am thinking about retiring and just drawing Johns disability . Is there any other benefits that I may inquire about. I am not very knowledgable on this . Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


If you are already drawing widow's benefits, the only other likely possibility is retirement benefits on your own record. There wouldn't be any reason to file for retirement benefits unless the benefit amount would be higher than your widow's rate, though, since you could only receive the higher of the 2 rates.

If your own retirement benefit rate is higher than your widow's rate, or if it will be in the future, it would likely be best to wait until you are age 70 to apply. Your retirement benefit rate will continue to grow until you reach age 70, even though you are receiving widow's benefits.

You may want to consider using the maximization software available on this website in order to explore all of your filing options and determine your best strategy.

Best, Jerry