Can A Widow Still Get Benefits If She Remarries After Age 60 To A Husband She Previously Divorced?

Jan 20 2017 - 8:15am

I read your book, and loved it, but I can't find anything that covers the specific question. You do talk about the potential of divorce to obtain benefits, so I have a hypothetical for you. Hypothetical: A widow of a man entitled to Social Security benefits was to get remarried and subsequently divorced BOTH prior to age 60 ( that is, married before age 60 and divorced before age 60) and began applying for and receiving Widows benefits. She then, After age 60, remarried the very same man she divorced before age 60, would she still receive her benefits or is there some provision that would prohibit that? Trying to figure out if one can get divorced right before 60 and then remarried to the same person and collect those benefits do them from their multi-decade marriage to a previously deceased spouse.


Yes, in your hypothetical, the widow could continue to receive her widow's benefits if she remarries after turning age 60. The prior marriage and divorce would not preclude widow's entitlement, nor would remarriage after attainment of age 60. It doesn't matter who the spouses were, nor if it's the same person. Here is a pertinent reference from Social Security's handbook:

Best, Jerry