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I am turning 70 on 03/24/2020. Waited to max out my benefits. When should I apply ?
My wife turns 62 on 10/21/2019 and is retiring 11/01/2019. She has been the main breadwinner, I have been retired since I turned 66.She wants to take her social security then. I would like her to wait until she turns 67, but she does not want to wait. Can she get spousal social security till she turns 67 ?
Can we meet with an advisor ? We are not great on computer programs.
Thank you.


We don't offer an in-person advisory service, but we do offer an expert review option that includes a one hour phone consultation (

Deciding when to start drawing benefits is a personal choice, and the best strategy for claiming benefits depends on a number of different factors. Our software is designed to analyze those factors, which should help your wife determine her likely best option. Your wife couldn't file for spousal benefits without filing for her own Social Security retirement benefits at the same time, though. It that case she'd only get basically the higher of the 2 rates and her rate would be reduced for age if she starts drawing prior to her full retirement age (FRA).

If your wife does file for her benefits at age 62, you could potentially claim just spousal benefits only and draw those benefits until you file for your own benefits at age 70. However, whether or not that's your best option depends in large part on your and your wife's comparative benefit rates. Our software could sort all of this out for you in order to help you and your wife determine your best possible strategy for claiming your benefits.

Assuming that you want to receive your own benefits starting at age 70 you should choose March 2020 as your month of election to start your own benefits. You can apply for benefits up to 4 months prior to your month of election, so if you decide to start your benefits at age 70 you could file your application as early as November 1 2019. You don't really need to file that early, but you should probably file by sometime in January 2020 in order to assure that your payments start timely.

Best, Jerry

Oct 5 2019 - 5:48pm
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