Can We Do This?

Feb 27 2017 - 5:45am

Wife will be 62 on March 2017. Husband was 66 in January 2017. Husband is not currently collecting Social Security. Husband has the social security higher earning record. Wife was works part time.
Can we do the following?
Wife would like to begin her benefits April 2017 at 62 and 1 month. Wife will file first.
Husband will file a restricted spousal benefit after wife files in April 2017 at 66 and 3 months.
Husband switches based on his earning for benefits in January 2021 at age 70
Wife adds spousal benefits in January 2021 at 65 and 10 months



Yes. However, the wife's own benefit rate and her excess spousal benefit, if any, will be reduced for age. And, if she earns more than $16,920 this year, some or all of her benefits and her husband's spousal benefits will be withheld due to the earnings test (

Best, Jerry