Can My Wife Receive Spousal Benefits?

Jul 4 2016 - 12:15pm

I am 62 and taking ss now, i found out my wife cant get 1/2 of mine when she is 66 because she turned 62 in Feb 2016, is this true. I hope not, it would only be 600 a month, but we would need it and we want her to wait till 70 to draw ss.


Unfortunately, it's true that your wife no longer has the option of filing just for a spousal benefit at age 66 without also filing on her own account. Under the new law passed by congress in late 2015, whenever people born after January 1st 1954 file for spousal benefits, they are deemed to also be filing for benefits on her own account. Therefore, if the amount payable to your wife on her own account is higher than her potential spousal benefit, she will just receive her own benefit.

Under prior law, which still applies for people born prior to 1954, deeming did not apply for applications filed at or after full retirement age. Thus, congress basically pulled the rug out from people like your wife with virtually no advance warning.

Best, Jerry