Can My Wife File For Just Benefits On Her Own Account At Age 62?

Jul 12 2016 - 12:00pm

My wife is a British citizen and a naturalized American citizen. She worked in the UK for over 20 years and in the US for about 7. She was born in March 1955.
I "filed and suspended" when I turned 66 in October 2014. Our son was under 18 at the time and I collected $1321 a month for about ten months. I plan to wait until I turn 70 to start collecting.

Can my wife file for SS when she turns 62 in 2017, without having any reference to spousal benefits? I'd like to have her receive the $1321 adjusted for inflation when she turns 66 and two months.

Thanks in advance


No, whenever your wife files for either spousal benefits or retirement benefits on her own account, she'll be deemed to be applying for both benefits. She'll essentially get the higher of the two benefits, and if she starts drawing them prior to full retirement age, they'll be permanently reduced.

Best, Jerry