Can My Wife And I File Online?

Apr 20 2020 - 7:57am

I am currently receiving spousal benefits from my wife, who filed when she was 66. She is now 67. I turn 70 in the beginning of May and want to claim my benefits and would want her to receive spousal benefits from mine. What needs to done? Is it able to be done on line? Thank you


You may be able to file for your benefits online, but your wife would have to file for spousal benefits by calling Social Security. They can take applications by phone even if their offices remain closed to the public due to the coronavirus.

Social Security's website claims that they constantly expanding their online services, but one of the current limitations for filing online is if a person is currently receiving benefits on their own Social Security record. Therefore, your wife won't be able to file for spousal benefits online unless and until Social Security further expands their online capability.

Best, Jerry