Can My Spouse Draw Spousal Benefits At FRA Without Me Filing Early?

Jun 19 2018 - 5:29pm

I'm 61 and my spouse is 65. Since I'm working and she's not, and I plan on filing at 67 years of age, can she at her FRA of 66 draw half of my benefits without me filing?
I've been told that if her FRA benefit is less than what half of mine is, she can draw half of my FRA benefit without me having to file early.
Thanks in advance for advice and direction


No, your spouse couldn't draw spousal benefits until you start drawing your benefits. If your spouse's own retirement benefit rate would be significantly less than 50% of your full retirement age rate (PIA), then it might be best for her to file for her own retirement benefits at her full retirement age of 66. Then, if 50% of your PIA is higher than her PIA she could file for additional spousal benefits when you file for your benefits.

Both you and your spouse have many possible filing strategies available to you, so you should strongly consider using our maximization software to determine your best strategy.

Best, Jerry