Can My Nephew Get An Additional Payment For Acting As My Caregiver?

Oct 17 2020 - 8:38am

I'm 65 At my benefit, retired, and also an amputee with military support from (a) spouse. My nephew a SSI beneficiary can be my caregiver. Can't my nephew get an additional payment?


Social Security is the only program that I have expertise in, so I wouldn't know if your nephew might be eligible for benefits from any other programs. All I can really tell you is that if your nephew is acting as your caregiver, it wouldn't make him eligible for any Social Security benefits. Nor would it cause his Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payment amount to increase.

If your nephew is receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI), he should already be receiving any Social Security benefits for which he's eligible. SSI is a needs based program, and one of the eligibility requirements for SSI is that a recipient must file for any other benefits for which they qualify, including Social Security benefits.

Best, Jerry