Can My Mother File For Her Own Social Security Instead Of Widow's Benefits?

Aug 17 2017 - 10:23am

After reading some of the topics on here I realize I have ANOTHER question.
My Father passed at age 60. My Mother collected his SS Benefit. She is now 88yo and needs to move into Assisted Living Facility.
I was told she could receive a Veterans Widow Aid and Attendant Benefit for her living expenses but would forfeit my Father's monthly SS payment.
My question is If she forfeits his monthly Social Security payment can she file for her own Social Security Benefit since she never filed on her own?
AND if so, I assume she could have her own SS Benefit and my Father's Widow Veterans Benefit. My mother never remarried.


I'm not an expert on VA benefits, so I can't fully answer your question. Your mother could file for Social Security benefits on her own account if she has enough work credits to be insured, but she could only receive the higher of her own benefit rate or her widow's rate. And, I have no idea how that might affect any payments she could get from the VA. I'm sorry I can't be more helpful. You may want to try researching the website, or calling or visiting a VA regional office.

Best, Jerry