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Can My Mom Threaten To Take Control Of My SS?

can a relative (mom) threaten to take control of my SS if they say I'm not responsible enough. Info about me I am 43 yrs old born with spinia bifida. Live with mom, sister (45) her bf and their 2 kids. I use my own money to pay our cable, phone, internet, trash bill and half the cell bill and occasionally help with electric bill. My own basic needs (clothes, shoes, shower stuff, diapers, pop, snacks). Help buy dinner groceries. Loan my sister money. Basically I get tired if my mom saying she's going to take control of my SS (because she wants it for herself nothing to do with me). It's stupid I know but just wanting some advice on how to handle this. Any info is appreciated. Thank You.


Well, a relative or other interested person can apply to be appointed as the representative payee for a person who receives either Social Security or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. Representative payees are only appointed if the person receiving benefits is either legally incompetent, or if they are judged to be incapable of handling their benefits in their own best interest. Social Security generally relies on the judgment of the Social Security recipient's doctor(s) when deciding whether or not a representative payee is needed.

There's nothing you can do to prevent your mother from applying to be your representative payee, but that doesn't necessarily mean that her application would be approved. The determination would likely depend largely on what your doctor has to say. If your mother does apply to be your payee and if her application is approved, Social Security will send you a notice giving you 60 days to appeal their decision (

Best, Jerry

Jul 1 2020 - 9:23am
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