Can My Husband Suspend His Benefits At Age 69?

Mar 30 2017 - 8:00am

I'm 55, my husband is 69. He started collecting at full retirement age (67, I believe). He has now started to do some 1099 subcontracting (construction) and his income plus his benefit plus my income is pushing us, I guess, into a higher tax bracket. He doesn't really "need" the social security benefit right now -- I know suspension is possible, but is it possible to suspend at age 69 (70 in December, born in 1947) and not start up again until he decides to REALLY quit working, meanwhile gathering work credits to potentially increase the eventual benefit?

Thank you!


Yes, your husband could suspend his benefits until he reaches age 70, but Social Security will automatically reinstate his benefits when he reaches age 70. The earliest that he can suspend his benefits is the month following the month in which he makes his request, so he'll likely want to act quickly. Your husband can still potentially increase his benefit rate with additional earnings even after his benefits resume at age 70 (

Best, Jerry