Can My Husband Get A Higher Payout By Collecting On One Of His Parent's Records?

Apr 30 2018 - 7:32am

Can my husband get a higher Payout on his Social Security by collecting of one of his parents records?. They are both deceased. He was disabled before age 21 and previously collected on his mothers records. He is married and he earns substantially less than his parents because the state of Alaska trained him and put him to work. He only worked a short time. It was only like a five year period that he contributed. He got hurt in 1992 and has been disabled since 1994. We tried to apply they told us her would be eligible, that they would call and tell him the new amount and he would get aback payment. We saw nothing in writing. We have been going there since 2009 asking questions and get a run around. Their denial is in the last 30 days.


One of the requirements for becoming entitled to Social Security benefits on a parent's record is that you must be unmarried, and since your husband is married to you I don't see how he could qualify (

Best, Jerry