Can I Work Part-Time And Still Get Disability Benefits?

Apr 19 2017 - 7:33am

I am currently drawing $900.00+ for retirement and $1800.00 a month for disability from Social Security.
Can I have a part time job at $1100.00 a month as an independent contract to deliver newspapers for a couple of hours 5 days a week without losing my monthly disability payment?


I'm not sure what type of retirement benefit you're referring to. If you're drawing Social Security disability benefits, you couldn't also be receiving Social Security retirement benefits. So, I assume that you are receiving Social Security disability benefits and some other type of retirement income.

To answer your question, though, yes you can generally earn up to $1170 per month without losing your Social Security disability benefits. For more detailed information, refer to this pamphlet from Social Security's website: And, be sure to report any work that you do to the Social Security Administration.

Best, Jerry