Can I Take Railroad Divorced Spousal Benefits At Age 62 And Then File For My Social Security Benefits At FRA?

Mar 4 2017 - 6:45am

Hi Larry,
I qualify for an ex-spousal reduced RRR Benefit (37% at 62) however, my own reduded Social Security benefits at 62 amount to a higher monthly benefit than the ex-spouse RRR benefit, am I still allowed to collect the reduced RRR benefit at 62 and wait until my full Retirement SS amount at 66.4 ?


Yes, you can file for Railroad benefits whenever you're eligible without also being deemed to file for your Social Security benefits. If you subsequently file for Social Security benefits, you'll receive basically the higher of your Social Security benefit rate or your tier 1 Railroad benefit amount ( Drawing Social Security would not affect your tier 2 Railroad benefit, however.

Best, Jerry