Can I Still Qualify For Free Part A Of Medicare Based On My Husband's Work If He's Not Eligible For Social Security?

Jun 23 2019 - 8:20pm

I will not be eligible for free Medicare A because I only have 36 Medicare credits. You say I can qualify on my husbands record. He retired from gov job so no social security but he does have Medicare A (free) and Medicare B. Can I still use his record?


Yes, as long as your husband qualifies for free Part A of Medicare based on his government work and if he's at least age 62 or disabled and you are at least age 65, then you can qualify for free Part A of Medicare based on his record (

Since 1983, federal employee wages have been subject to Medicare taxes even if their wages were exempt from Social Security taxes. So, as long as they have at least 40 quarters (i.e. 10 years) of Medicare earnings, both they and their eligible auxiliaries and survivors can potentially qualify for free Part A of Medicare on their work record.

Best, Jerry