Can I Still Qualify For Benefits On My Father's Record Even If I've Never Known Him?

Jan 25 2019 - 11:48am

I recently got a letter in the mail saying i may be entitled to more benefits if i qualify as a disabled adult child. So i met every criteria except that my mom wasnt recieving benefits now. I live with her. However my dad may be recieving retirenent however i never known him in my life. Can i still qualufy under his pid if i never known him


Potentially, yes. The dependency requirement is deemed for biological children, so if your natural father is deceased or drawing Social Security retirement or disability benefits you could potentially qualify for benefits on his Social Security record if you meet the requirements for disabled adult child's benefits.

If the letter you received is from Social Security, it may mean that your father has applied for benefits and it appears as though you could be eligible for benefits on his record. In that case it would probably be advisable to contact Social Security to find out.

Best, Jerry