Can I Still Apply For Spousal Benefits Only At FRA And Switch To My Own Record At Age 70?

Jan 11 2017 - 5:15am

Both my husband and I are going to be age 66 in 2017 and we both were born before January 1, 1954.
It seemed to me that we are qualified for using Restricted Application when we both file at age 66 (FRA). I plan to apply Restricted application at age 66 after my husband filed for his own a month before me.
However, my social security benefit at age 66 is more than 1/2 of my husband's benefit at age 66. Would
Social Security Office automatically give me the greater of the two? Can I still apply for Restricted Application and switch to mine at age 70?


Yes, you can still file a restricted application for spousal benefits only at full retirement age (FRA), and then switch to your own record at age 70. When you file your application for spousal benefits, just be sure that the application contains a remark stating something like: 'I wish to restrict the scope of this application to spousal benefits only.', or 'I wish to restrict retirement benefits on my own record from the scope of this application.' If you file online, you can enter one of these remarks yourself. If you file by phone or in person, be sure to review your copy of the application to make sure that it contains a similar remark.

Best, Jerry