Can I Start Drawing My Own Benefits At Age 62 And Get Divorced Spousal Benefits Later?

Feb 10 2017 - 6:45am

Hello...I will be apply for social security this March. I will be 62 on June 23rd. I don't really want to collect at 62 but need the extra money instead of waiting until age 66. Anyway, I was married 23 yrs. My ex husband is 10 yrs younger than me. I know the qualifications to collect on an ex spouse but am I correct in that I can collect on my own work history income and then when he turns 62 (provided) I'm still alive, lol....can I then re file based on his income?? Thank you.


Yes, you can potentially start drawing your own reduced benefits at age 62 and then become eligible for additional divorced spousal benefits when your ex-husband turns age 62. However, you'll still be stuck with the roughly 25.5% reduction in your own benefit rate.

For example, say Jane has a full retirement age benefit rate (PIA) of $700. She starts drawing at age 62, and receives a reduced rate of $522. Ten years later, Jane's ex-husband reaches age 62, and he has a PIA of $2000. Jane then becomes eligible for an excess divorced spousal benefit of 50% of her ex's PIA minus her own PIA, or $300 (i.e. $2000/2 - $700). The excess divorced spousal benefit is then added to Jane's reduced retirement benefit, giving her a combined rate of $822.

Best, Jerry