Can I Start Drawing Any Benefits Now At Age 60?

Apr 13 2017 - 10:30am

My husband is 84 and I am 60. He has a pension and social security but his is reduced by his pension income ($564/month). I have lived in the US legally for 14 years and I am an American Citizen. My husband is disabled and I care for him so my social security benefit would be based on his benefit (I assume) since I am 1/4 short on my benefit after working part time for 8 years. I am eligible for Canadian social insurance and CPP at 65 in Canada. Is there any way to file early in the US for me since I am not able to work while caring for him. We have a reasonable income but I pay my medical directly so it is really costly. Any $$$ would help.


I don't know about the Canadian pension program rules and whether or not you can start drawing early, but here is a link to some information that Social Security provides:

As far as U.S. Social Security, it sounds like you will qualify for spousal benefits on your husband's record. However, unless you have an eligible child in your care, the earliest that you could receive spousal benefits is at age 62. And, if you start drawing your spousal benefits prior to full retirement age, your benefit rate will be reduced. The spousal benefit reduction would not necessarily carry over to your widow's benefit rate if your husband dies before you, though (

Best, Jerry